28 August 2009

Randoms Man

Another post in which I blab on about nothing important at all...

* I hate automatic toilets.  Seriously.  Ever notice how many just magically flush while you're still using it.....only to not flush when it is time to actually flush? 

* After a lifetime of growing up on Dannon and Yoplait, Greek yogurt takes a little getting used to.  But with the right amount of honey and some fruit to dip into it?  Greek yogurt becomes ahhh-mazing.

* I have a confession....shhh....don't tell anyone else: I am guilty of not resetting work microwaves back to the "clock" function after I use the microwave.  At home, I am religious about making sure the time shows up again after I'm done.  Why a discrepancy?  Because I know that it annoys the bejezus out of a few key coworkers....and I'm mature like that.

* I am so thankful that my client does not require me to leave notes on my computer screen every time I step away from my desk.  My colleague has to leave notes like, "Helping person A with issue X," "Bathroom," "Coffee break," "Meeting XYZ - back by 2."  Ouch.

* Has anyone seen "The Time Traveler's Wife" movie?  I've heard mixed reviews about it.  Anyone want to go see it with me?  Is it worth seeing, or should I just stick to the book and my imagination?

* No gmail, no Facebook, no phone, random access to news sites....I feel like I get cut off from the world at work.  Some things I don't mind being cut off from....like Johnny's play-by-play of his boring work day on Facebook.  But I dislike not having a phone number people can easily reach me at for emergencies.  And I hate not having gmail.

*  In the absence of distractions during downtimes, Wikipedia's "Random Article" button has become my saving grace. 

* That, or, (big nerd alert here) reading analyses done 35 years ago on current hot button topics.  20-20 hindsight is so amusing.

* As much as I hate to see summer fade into fall...I'm so geeked for autumn.  It is my absolute favorite season.  Everything is crisp, and fresh, and cozy, and colorful, and smells so good.

* Apparently I have randomly started spelling certain words in the British fashion.  I just automatically typed "cozy" as "cosy" and got annoyed when spellcheck gave me grief.

* P.S. - Three weeks back from Tokyo!, and W-a-N-d-E-r-L-u-S-t still is my worst addiction.  Earlier this week, I was daydreaming about The Maldives....yesterday, it was Madrid....today, New Zealand's South Island (thankyouverymuch to a friend who posted her vacation pics on Facebook).

* And, why is it whenever I decide to start writing down all the random thoughts that pop into my head, they all pop out of my head?  Seriously, cannot remember half the amusing things I really wanted to say in this post.

* So, happy Friday peeps!  Enjoy the weekend!

* (And before anyone else says it, I know, I know...I'm a goofball.)


Shareece said...

You are so random!!! LOL. And can I just say that I hate that you don't have access to gmail too!!

Kt Mac said...

One of my many endearingly charming qualities, right? ;)

Tell me about it - it's no fun to have interesting coworkers without being able to tell you all about them in real time!