17 August 2009

A Message from the Universe to KtMac

A cosmic tornado. No joke. From NASA.

Ever believe in signs? Or kissmet? Or fate?

Whatever you want to call it, the Universe sent me a great one last night.

I am a planner. I
dream. I realize that dream isn't so far-fetched or unrealistic after all. So then I scheme and realize I can make that dream come true. So I start planning. And once I start planning, I expect things to fall into place. Maybe not as perfectly as I envisioned, but I still expect the Universe to cooperate with my brilliant scheme.

96.57573% of the time, the Universe and I fall hand in hand. I say I'm going to do something someday, and lo and behold, I wind up doing it. And usually sooner than I expected.

However, when my heart is really and truly behind a scheme, I get nervous. I want it so badly, I can taste it, and I don't want it to be the taste of
disappointment. So I stress over how to make it perfect so I don't wind up disappointed. And then that just turns into plain old KtMac stressing, hot melty mess style.

It's not pretty. And bless my Mama and My Love for being
so damn good at relaxing me.

But sometimes, I still need the universe to step in and remind me that it'll be okay in the end.

I was procrastinating and stumbled onto this quote, in charming Italian nonetheless,
(which, of course, makes it sound so much prettier) and realized, it is my new mantra:

le belle cose del tempo
(beautiful things take time)

My snapshot of a pretty Fuji-san flower.

Ahh, Universe, I heard you this time. (Now how about the winning combo to the lottery?)

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