30 August 2009

Around the Bend

Taquamon Falls, Michigan.

28 August 2009

Randoms Man

Another post in which I blab on about nothing important at all...

* I hate automatic toilets.  Seriously.  Ever notice how many just magically flush while you're still using it.....only to not flush when it is time to actually flush? 

* After a lifetime of growing up on Dannon and Yoplait, Greek yogurt takes a little getting used to.  But with the right amount of honey and some fruit to dip into it?  Greek yogurt becomes ahhh-mazing.

* I have a confession....shhh....don't tell anyone else: I am guilty of not resetting work microwaves back to the "clock" function after I use the microwave.  At home, I am religious about making sure the time shows up again after I'm done.  Why a discrepancy?  Because I know that it annoys the bejezus out of a few key coworkers....and I'm mature like that.

* I am so thankful that my client does not require me to leave notes on my computer screen every time I step away from my desk.  My colleague has to leave notes like, "Helping person A with issue X," "Bathroom," "Coffee break," "Meeting XYZ - back by 2."  Ouch.

* Has anyone seen "The Time Traveler's Wife" movie?  I've heard mixed reviews about it.  Anyone want to go see it with me?  Is it worth seeing, or should I just stick to the book and my imagination?

* No gmail, no Facebook, no phone, random access to news sites....I feel like I get cut off from the world at work.  Some things I don't mind being cut off from....like Johnny's play-by-play of his boring work day on Facebook.  But I dislike not having a phone number people can easily reach me at for emergencies.  And I hate not having gmail.

*  In the absence of distractions during downtimes, Wikipedia's "Random Article" button has become my saving grace. 

* That, or, (big nerd alert here) reading analyses done 35 years ago on current hot button topics.  20-20 hindsight is so amusing.

* As much as I hate to see summer fade into fall...I'm so geeked for autumn.  It is my absolute favorite season.  Everything is crisp, and fresh, and cozy, and colorful, and smells so good.

* Apparently I have randomly started spelling certain words in the British fashion.  I just automatically typed "cozy" as "cosy" and got annoyed when spellcheck gave me grief.

* P.S. - Three weeks back from Tokyo!, and W-a-N-d-E-r-L-u-S-t still is my worst addiction.  Earlier this week, I was daydreaming about The Maldives....yesterday, it was Madrid....today, New Zealand's South Island (thankyouverymuch to a friend who posted her vacation pics on Facebook).

* And, why is it whenever I decide to start writing down all the random thoughts that pop into my head, they all pop out of my head?  Seriously, cannot remember half the amusing things I really wanted to say in this post.

* So, happy Friday peeps!  Enjoy the weekend!

* (And before anyone else says it, I know, I know...I'm a goofball.)

25 August 2009

Some Days

Dalmatia, Croatia.

Tokyo Tales

Amongst all the many things the Japanese do really well - sushi, karaoke, freakin' delicious soft serve ice cream, crazy potato chip flavors - they know how to instill a bit of zen and tranquility even where you least expect to find it.

In Kamakura, home of the giant Buddha, the grounds surrounding Buddha were nice, but mostly designed to show off just how huge Buddha is.

Pretty awesomely huge Buddha. 

So huge, we walked inside his head.

After we left there, and poked into a touristy gift shop, Zab took us to see a Japanese garden.  Immediately, all the sweat and humidity of the day seemed to disappear as we stepped into the tranquil garden and were greeted by this sight:

 A perfect oasis.

In this garden was the first, and maybe the only, time I didn't feel like I was on the other side of the world from all I knew and all that was familiar.  The noise of the crowds in Tokyo never bothered me - I barely pay attention to people talking in DC - I never really realized that they weren't speaking English.  But the inability to read a sign, or pull out change without second guessing myself, or not being able to call someone and say "oh holy shit, you will never believe what I just saw" overwhelmed me a bit at times.  And in this garden, I felt myself center again.

And then, damn Disney for this, wouldn't you know it.  The song "It's a Small World" popped into my head and would.not.leave.  And because I'm the KtMac you all know and love and are occasionally annoyed by, I'm gracing you with the gift of this song, which shall now run through your head on repeat for the rest of the day:

"it's a world of laughter, a world of tears....its a world of hopes, its a world of fear...theres so much that we share....that its time we're aware...its a small world after all....its a small world after all....its a small world after all...its a small world after all....its a small, small world...there is just one moon and one golden sun ...and a smile means friendship to everyone...though the mountains divide...and the oceans are wide...it's a small small world...."

Admit it peeps, even this adorable statue is kind of Disney-esqe in a way.  But so stinkin' Tokyo cute that if I had seen it for sale in a gift shop, I totally would have snapped it up for myself.

So Tokyo, I wanted to put it in my pocket and take it home with me.

23 August 2009

A Page Taken from My Diary....

(Taken in Kurje, Albania.)

(P.S. -  I am aware that "family" is spelled wrong.  Picasa is giving me such a headache, I'm leaving it as is.  C'est la vie.)

19 August 2009

Tokyo Tales

I have so many stories of (mis)adventures on Mount Fuji-san. But, sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And a picture with a quote must be worth even more.

Sometimes, it says more when you say less, so today, I'll let this magic picture I took of Fuji-san do the talking for me.

Creative Compliments: Take Four

In my inbox this morning:

"When I put your name in the addressee box, I naturally type "KtMac" and wonder why your email doesn't come up. Haha. My work email isn't as smart as gmail."

I love you, Mb!

17 August 2009

A Message from the Universe to KtMac

A cosmic tornado. No joke. From NASA.

Ever believe in signs? Or kissmet? Or fate?

Whatever you want to call it, the Universe sent me a great one last night.

I am a planner. I
dream. I realize that dream isn't so far-fetched or unrealistic after all. So then I scheme and realize I can make that dream come true. So I start planning. And once I start planning, I expect things to fall into place. Maybe not as perfectly as I envisioned, but I still expect the Universe to cooperate with my brilliant scheme.

96.57573% of the time, the Universe and I fall hand in hand. I say I'm going to do something someday, and lo and behold, I wind up doing it. And usually sooner than I expected.

However, when my heart is really and truly behind a scheme, I get nervous. I want it so badly, I can taste it, and I don't want it to be the taste of
disappointment. So I stress over how to make it perfect so I don't wind up disappointed. And then that just turns into plain old KtMac stressing, hot melty mess style.

It's not pretty. And bless my Mama and My Love for being
so damn good at relaxing me.

But sometimes, I still need the universe to step in and remind me that it'll be okay in the end.

I was procrastinating and stumbled onto this quote, in charming Italian nonetheless,
(which, of course, makes it sound so much prettier) and realized, it is my new mantra:

le belle cose del tempo
(beautiful things take time)

My snapshot of a pretty Fuji-san flower.

Ahh, Universe, I heard you this time. (Now how about the winning combo to the lottery?)

16 August 2009

Perfect Summer Afternoon

It hit 90* again today. According to weather.com, it will hit above 90 for the next four days. After a relatively cool summer, I know I shouldn't complain.

Instead, I'll focus on the elements that made a perfect summer afternoon:

*Multiple trips to the pool (don't judge....you'd do the same if you had a pool too)

(Full disclosure: Picture is taken from my Apt's website....not listed here for the obvious)

*Delicious homemade fruit smoothies

*Cool air conditioning to relax in

*Lots and lots of laughs with My Love

I'm almost prepared to conquer work again tomorrow. Almost. But not quite. Not until I have some sweet dreams.

12 August 2009

Strike 3 USPS

I finally picked up my mail backlog, and the first thing in the pile is none other than the letter I tried to send My Love.

He got the card, after three tries, but now the damn letter is back in my inbox. After a year of no problems sending mail to Albania, now I can't manage to send a simple letter without multiple trips to the Post Office?

What the hell, USPS?

11 August 2009

Tokyo Tales

Ahh peeps. Now that I've set foot back in the good ole' U.S. of A., and have relaxed at a resort immediately following that grueling 14 hour plane ride, I'm more or less decompressed enough to start telling awesome Tokyo tales (and shamelessly sharing random pictures).

One day, we, the Tokyo trio (Mb, her awesomely tall bro Zab, and myself), took a train ride about an hour south of Tokyo to Kamakura. In Kamakura, we saw a giant Buddha statue, a cool Japanese garden, posed for cute pictures, and, naturally, shopped.

Eventually, my blog will be peppered with the awesome pictures associated with this day trip. In the meantime, learn and practice the phrase, "That's so Tokyo!" because that is my new saying for everything that is so ridiculously, adorably, stinking cute.

And now, I present to you, Exhibit A:

C'mon peeps, gotta admit, that's so Tokyo!