09 July 2009

Signs of Summer: Fourth of July - For Reals

Nothing screams summer quite like the all-American Fourth of July holiday. And nothing screams Fourth of July quite like the weekend I had with Mb and Sesky Lesky in the Dirty Jerze.

Not buying it? Allow me to make the following point(s):

1) Beachside picnic consisting of ubiquitous colorful beach umbrellas everywhere, sorching hot sand - seriously, burnt feet burn - and, most importantly, wayyyyyy too much food - fabulous sandwiches, cherries, grapes, watermelon, peaches, cookies, peanut m&ms, and a gallon of ice tea.

2) Boogie boarding! 'nuff said. With the skyline of Manhattan looming in the squinty-eyed distance.

Yes, I shamelessly swiped this pic of me and Sesky Lesky from Mb.

3) Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and an escape dog that should have been named Houdini. All of which segued into heart to heart in-depth conversations about meaningful things such as bad life decisions regarding hair color, similar naughty words in multiple languages, whether Lesky is now Amish, and, most importantly, "Book-Face."

4) Stimulating the economy by taking serious advantage of the Fourth of July sales and Jersey being sales tax free. A new outfit consisting of a Kate Hill dress and blazer and Anne Klein pumps for a whopping 23% of the original full price, with no sales tax? Oh hells yes.

5) Poolside lounging, trampoline jumping, and Polish BBQ food eating. The first resulted in some serious overeating. Not going to lie.

6) A sparkly patriotic Uncle Sam hat and red, white, and blue mardi gras beads. Don't hate. We know you wish you were as cool as we are, even when we show off our fabulous patriotism.

Zsa zsa made this bbq with her festive outfit.

7) Eyeing and vetoing suspicious carny rides. Well, one of the three of us was wise enough to opt for the paparazzi role. Eyeing and vetoing the ridiculous lines for classic carny foods such as funnel cakes and cotton candy. Even if I r-e-e-e-a-a-a-l-l-l-l-y-y-y wanted some funnel cake deliciousness.

All else fails, I could become a papparazzo.

8) Awesome Fireworks. On the Fourth of July. While listening to a band play Americana classics such as "Born in the USA" and "Proud to be an American." The latter of which prompted several hours of off-key, "I-won't-admit-I-don't-know-the-rest-of-the-words" repeat singing.

Before you get your hopes up that I'm that talented as a photographer, click here.

9) Late night bonfires and roasting Polish kielbasa. The perfect follow-up to fab fireworks is bonfires, vanilla-strawberry cake, and roasting kielbasa over open flames. Too much junk food kept me from personally roasting any kielbasa.

10) Lazily recovering from the festivities on the swing on the sunny deck. But being lazy didn't keep me from warily watching out for any stray bears that may have stumbled into the backyard. 10 miles outside of the Big Apple and we have to watch out for bears in the backyard?! Seriously, too country for this girl.

Fabulous weekend with fabulous company. Totally worthy of a repeat and/or scheming new adventures. As a side note, I seem to be coming up with all-time top-ten lists a lot lately. Think a career as a late-night talk show host is in the cards for me?


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Mb said...

Haha awesome recap!

KT Mac said...

Glad you both liked it! Can't wait to see how adventures later this summer top this one!