14 July 2009

Finish Line

Mb tagged me the other day with this awesome award:

The rules for this award are fairly straight-forward:

1. Post a funny or sweet keepsake that tells something about you.
2. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers that you think are keepers.
The problem is, I don't read 10 other blogs (yet), and the few readers I do have, don't all have blogs (yet). So, in lieu of passing this award onto 10 other bloggers, I'm challenging you, dear readers, to post a comment and tell me about a funny or sweet keepsake of yours. Because, dear readers, you are ALL keepers to me. So do it.

While I read Mb's story about the best valentine she ever got, I started pondering what treasured keepsake I might blog about. As soon as I walked into my apartment at the end of the day, I knew.


This little guy has made every single move I've made over the years with me. He's got a lot of love and probably more than a little crusted on dirt, but he still has a place of honor on my shelf.

Just in case you can't quite make out the fine, but important, print at the bottom, here's a close-up:
"Blessed Are They That Overcome."
My great Aunt Emma gave me when I was very young. For a long time, I liked him simply because Aunt Emma gave him to me. Plus, the puppy is cute. But it took many years before I understood the meaning behind this little boy with crutches crossing the finish line. And now, every time I cross a finish line, I think of both this little guy and my great Aunt Emma and smile at all the silent encouragement they have given me over the years.


Mb said...

Oh this is cute. I like it. It definitely defines you.

Kt Mac said...

:-) Trust, the list of possibilities was ridiculously long.