14 July 2009

Creative Compliments: Take Three

"Should've been a cowboy
Should've learned to rope and ride
Wearin' my six shooter
Ridin' my pony
On a cattle drive"

One of the holdovers from living in Colorado is my complete love of cowboys. So naturally, I couldn't resist a grin when I saw a cute cowboy on the train when I left work yesterday. Cowboy hats really stick out in this blue, black, grey suit town.

What I loved more than the cowboy hat was the cowboy manners. He stood back, saying "ma'am" as he let all disembarking females off the train before he got off. And, as he walked past me, he grinned, winked, and tipped that adorable hat in my direction.

So, it wasn't a spoken compliment, but it sure made my day just the same.

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