27 July 2009

2 Strikes

against you, USPS!

A month ago, I decided to mail My Love a cutesy card. Just cuz I'm sweet like that.

I dropped it in the mail and went on my way.

About a week later, during a slow afternoon at work, I wrote My Love a letter. As I went to drop it in the mail, my cutesy card was in my inbox.


So I went into the Post Office the next day and talked to the lady. Turns out, my address and postage were correct, but the machine had read my zipcode and sent it back to me. So she took both the card and letter and sent them out again.

A week later, I have the cutesy card in my inbox again but no letter.

Double huh?

So, I have patiently waited in a ridiculous line a second time to re-mail the cutesy card.

USPS, this one is on you. Don't strike out.

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