30 June 2009

Top Ten

I've been missing My Love something fierce lately. I always miss him, but the intensity of it ebbs and flows sometimes.

Thus, to distract myself from missing him too much, I have been trying to come up with a top ten list of reasons why it's a good thing My Love is so far away (all of which I would trade in a heartbeat for actually having My Love here)...so, in no particular order:

1. Sole possession of the remote - very important. Without this, I would be unable to fulfill my borderline obsessive habit of watching every.single.episode. of whatever TV series my current crush happens to be in. Past examples include, among others, Josh Duhamel in Las Vegas or Seth Cohen in The O.C. Yes, you read that right. Don't judge. And for the record, no matter how much My Love teases me for it, he should take comfort in the fact that I'm consistent in my crushes - sexy, dark-haired, adorably geeky guys.

2. Sole control of the bathroom - no need to worry about whether my curling iron or hairbrushes, or makeup, or perfume, or other random odds and ends are cluttering up the sink. There are no "you used all the toilet paper!" discussions. And, I can purchase ultra-girly products, such as cutesy pink and brown polka dot cups or the beloved, way-too-old, brightly colored striped shower curtain. Marathon make-up, baths, or dress-up sessions are not met with thinly patient compliments of "you look beautiful already!" to hurry me along.

3. Meals that aren't really meals - ya'know, popcorn and Diet Pepsi for dinner. Or chocolate for breakfast if that's really all I want. With someone else around, you have to be a little more considerate of meal times and actual meals versus the non-stop grazing of the single life.

4. Middle of the bed sleeping - I can park myself in the middle of the big ole' bed and surround myself with 15,000 pillows and blankets and not worry that My Love will fall out of the 0.9 centimeters I might have left at the very edge of the bed. Which, if we're being honest, I really only do so as not to feel so alone in the big ole' bed.

5. No blanket wars - hand in hand with number 4, My Love and I don't have to wrestle for Comforter, or ridiculously, use two Comforters in one bed. The possibility that I may leave My Love for Comforter is thinning with each passing day, but I'm not about to admit that to him just yet.

6. Shamelessly girly possessions - such as tropical plates or more than 4 pairs of shoes. I like to think that for the most part, my apartment is fairly gender-neutral. But, while I can, I'm relishing in having flowers everywhere, or curling up under a throw blanket with more than just a hint of pink in it.

7. A distinct lack of funky smells - My Love admitted that I'm missing out. Oh darn. Instead, I get to have more girly scents fill the air. Like lavender, or gardenia, or cinnamon. Not last night's meat lover's pizza....or "beef" stew.

8. No tickling! - My Love seems to be incapable of spending any amount of time near me without at least attempting to tickle me. I have yet to break him of this habit, so, as far as I'm concerned, this may just be the greatest thing about our super-long-distance relationship. On the flip side, it's awfully hard to tickle My Love when he's so far away....

9. A need for blush - because whenever My Love's around, I usually am perpetually red-faced from some ridiculously scandalous (and occasionally funny) thing My Love has just said or done. "Tell me, KtMac's Mama, about absolutely every, single, little embarassing thing KtMac has ever done in her life......" At least, when he's halfway around the world, I can control the amount of color on my cheeks with just a swipe of blusher in the mornings.

10. Written proof - of some of the crazy, random, silly, wonderful, loving things My Love has said. That has to be a distinct advantage to having so many conversations on Skype. Without the written proof, I have no doubt that My Love would adamently deny things like his scheme to Fed-Ex puppies, the fact that he called himself "sexy mcsexerson," or that living in Albania has deteriorated his English skills.

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