18 June 2009


* I have an obsession, I mean obsession, with fresh fruit. I seriously cannot get enough to satisfy myself these days.

* I don't care how you count, 180 people is not a small wedding.

*Costco is the best for printing pictures. Seriously.

* I have a slight tendency to overuse the word seriously this week. I blame that on spending 48 hours with my aunt and cousin who seriously use the word seriously all.the.time. Seriously.

* I need to come up with a plan of action for how I'm going to enjoy the everyday for dirt cheap this summer. I have a few big events to look forward to, but if I'm not careful, seriously, my only glimpse of summer will be the twilight sky I see in the morning and the evening on my way to and from work.

* Some ideas should just stay ideas. Others must be implemented immediately.

* Time to open up that French language tutorial again. Seriously, I did a great job learning French this past year. I'm still stuck at "Ohh la la!"

* Schizo weather can end now. Seriously. Did it not get the memo? It is summer, which should = blue skies and sunshine every day, all day. Not this grey, drizzly, suddenly pouring, suddenly sunny, now grey, now drizzly crap we had all day today.

* Home is where the heart is. Nothing more. Nothing less.

* Fresh cherries and brie? Just this side of heaven. With the perfect glass of Rose? Paradise.

* In the past week alone, My Love has said we're moving to Thailand and/or to an island in the Pacific that is 1,000 miles away from everyone else. Guess I should stop lusting over grad programs and urban lofts in exchange for seriously drooling over sailboats that will fulfill My Love's ever-changing list of places we are moving to.

* Family is family. They can make you laugh. They can make you cry. They can make you smile. They can make you pull your hair out. Love 'em, like 'em, annoy them. They're yours and you're stuck with 'em.

* Can't you just hear me shouting "Ahoy matey!" over my daiquiri as a shorthand for telling My Love that I need more sunblock aboard our sailboat? I might be able to seriously get on board with this idea.

* Allergies suck. Stupid rain.

* An ice cream cone dipped in sprinkles still is the perfect end to a summer night.

* Can anyone explain why I have the lyrics to "American Pie" stuck in my head?

* Seriously wasn't kidding about that over-use of "seriously" this week. Seriously, counted 13 "seriously"s in this post. 14.


Mb said...

LOLs and Amen.

Shareece said...

Wow, that was random! Thanks for the laugh! :o)