19 June 2009

On My Wall

I went to Costco last night. Presumably for three things: frozen strawberries, milk, and pictures. In typical Costco shopping fashion, I walked out with many more than three things, but the most treasured purchase was the pictures I'd ordered. Amongst the beginning of the many pictures I'm slowly printing from vacation with My Love, I also printed 8x12s of the following pictures:

D.C. - Washington Monument during Cherry Blossom Festival

D.C. - Lincoln Memorial during Cherry Blossom Festival

Colorado - Rocky Mountain National Park - after hiking/dying 4 hours to get to this spot.

Michigan - Mackinac Bridge

I took these pictures! These shots all represent places I've lived. The prints, for $1.39 each!, came out stunning. Now, I have to find the perfect black frames that I have envisoned perfectly in my head to hang these prints in. Cheap and easy artwork that actually means something to me, and, a little reminder of all the things that are slowly making up my definition of "home."

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