23 June 2009

Ignorance WAS Bliss

Peeps, remember back when I said the one thing that I would not do on my Balkans vacation was one simple thing? Well, I was quite proud of myself that I was able to resist My Love's multiple attempts to convince me that they would be good eats.

Fast forward to this afternoon:

My Love: oh shit
did I take you to that Albanian resturant when you were here for traditional albanian food?
KtMac: yes
My Love: k
KtMac: why?
My Love: uh, nothing.
KtMac: uh
oh shit generally doesn't equal nothing...

My Love: uh
                        KtMac: you can't do that to me!
what is it?
My Love: well, remember how I said my Albanian was pretty bad...?
KtMac: yes
My Love: remember that beef stew we had that you really liked?
I just got the translation from Leslie
uh, lets just say its not beef
KtMac: *groan*
what was it?

    My Love: sheep's brains
KtMac: you did that on purpose
didn't you?

My Love: i swear I didn't know!
KtMac: what am I going to do with you?
My Love: I know, I know
well, you wanted an adventure...
if it's any consolation: that was one of my favorite meals before I found out what was in it
KtMac: I guess the $1,000 question is.....will you continue to eat it?
My Love: as delicious as it is, I think that's going to be a deal breaker
KtMac: I have to agree with you
My Love: goddamnit
KtMac: yeah
it was awfully good before
My Love: I know!
KtMac: I don't know what annoys me more
that such a good meal turned out to be sheep's brains
or that you unwittingly still got me to eat sheep's brains
    KtMac: truth be told, I'm more amused by it than annoyed
My Love: and that's why I love you

Once again I am amazed by life with My Love. As I've said, and as I'll continue to say, life with him will never, ever be dull. (And I wouldn't have it any other way.) It's a good thing I love him so very much.

That said, I recommend y'all learn from our example - always check that the beef stew is indeed beef before you order......OR......just adopt the ignorance is bliss attitude and never ask for translations...


Shareece said...

I said this once and I will say it again: GROSS!!!!!!!!!

KT Mac said...

Let's just say any form of meat will not be on the menu for a while...