30 June 2009

At 25...

...I decided that I now have the right to complain about wrinkles and grey hair with impunity.

...I am not becoming more patient as I get older. But at least I haven't gotten any more impatient either.

...I understand the treasure of great friendships. I also understand the hazards of toxic friendships. And, I know how to keep the great friendships while letting go of the bad ones.

...I learned that it is okay to delay one dream (such as living abroad for a year) in favor of pursuing another dream, so long as I am happy with that decision.

...I want love, family, friendship, experiences, travel, and memories much more than I want material possessions.

...I can let down that wall and be vulnerable when the the reason is right.

...I finally believe that I can be smart and beautiful.

...I laugh at myself, with others, and try my best to bring a smile to someone's face every single day.

...I seek happiness in the little things, every.single.day. I try to stay away from pessimism, but still understand that the occasional "Alexander" day is going to happen.

...I have made peace with my past, and believe that every life experience has helped make me the KtMac I am today.

...I am hopelessly random, and generally have a "if you give a mouse a cookie" thought process.

...I embrace challenges and opportunities to learn new things.

...I now know that I am perfect, in my own uniquely imperfect way.

And I can't wait to see what the future brings!

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