29 May 2009


There have been three little words rolling around in my head this past year. At times, those three little words have been seductive, addicting, irritating, motivating, stressing, and always stuck in the front of my mind. However, the one thing I can't deny is that those three little words have forced me to slow down and really take a deeper look at my life.

Curious yet?

What could those three little words be?

"When pigs fly?"
Hmm, no.

Yup, that's it. "Streamline and simplify." Say those words. Feel them roll off your tongue. Seductive, aren't they? And really, quite powerful.

I can't pinpoint when I was aware that those simple words became my mantra this year, but now that it is, I have not been able to let it go. Every time I say those three little words to myself, another idea pops into my head on how I can embrace and live the concept of "streamline and simplify."

"Streamline and simplify." Weed out those clothes. What fits? What's too old for the public eye? What can be donated? Do you really need that many shoes? Really?

"Streamline and simplify." Get those finances in order. Make extra payments on those damn student loans. Contribute the maximum to the 401K. Discover that you have enough savings for several exotic trips abroad. Reassess spending habits.

"Streamline and simplify." Work efficiently. Eliminate extra papers that you have lug back and forth between office, home, client, home, office, home again. Find the simplest way to complete projects. Streamline routine tasks.

"Streamline and simplify." Eat healthy, wholesome foods. Eat seasonally. Spend less money and less time in the kitchen. Still manage to lose weight.

"Streamline and simplify." Stop worrying. Stop obsessing. Start planning. Keep dreaming. Focus on the healthy relationships. Let the toxic ones go. Prioritize.

Every time I think I've mastered the concept of "streamline and simplify," I look around and realize that I could simplify my life even more if I do X. In that sense, it is both freeing and addicting.

Do you have a mantra you live by? What keeps driving you on, in good days, bad days, and the ordinary days?


Mb said...

i very much like this. it allows you to prioritize and still find time for the fun adventures (*cough*tokyo*cough*)

KT Mac said...

BINGO! That's the whole point of this thing, for me at least - the realization that I treasure people and experiences over material possessions, and reorienting my life in such a way that I can spend more on people and experiences instead of things....like trips to Tokyo!