04 May 2009


I woke up this morning at 4:33 from a silly dream.

I dreamt I was in a bakery somewhere with my friend Hurricane, her mom, and her sister. As there always is when those three are together, there was a lot of laughter and chit chatter as we took our time deciding what treats we wanted.

I asked, "What is a macaroon?" (I honestly have no idea.) Hurricane's mom decided that it was unacceptable that I had no clue what a macaroon was, and sat me down for a taste test.

There was a "chewy" macaroon that looked like a badly baked chocolate cake. And Hurricane ordered a "crunchy" macaroon for me to try. It looked like a large frosting-covered oreo.

I woke up because I could feel myself actually chewing. And disappointed to discover that I wasn't really chewing on a "crunchy" macaroon. Silly.

Now, what's a macaroon? And, where's a bakery around here for me try one?

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