06 May 2009

It's a Suite Life!

For an afternoon outing with colleagues, it sure is amazing how this $20 view from the outfield

got turned into this insanely expensive, but incredibly priceless home base view.

Yes, that's right. Thanks to a Six-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon type twist, yours truly got to relax and watch the Nats tie the Astros 10-10 from the press suite directly behind home base.

Please excuse this terrible, awful, cheesy picture of me. But it is proof that I was living the suite life!

Turns out, one of my colleagues bumped into a buddy of his while in search of snacks. That buddy had the press suite to himself that afternoon, so he decided to share the goodies with us. Sweet! I call the tie a win for the Nats. And the suite a win for me!


Adrian said...

Awwwww you have baseball in your country =( In my country they don't even care if you want to play Baseball , even seeing that i want to =(

KT Mac said...

It is a lot of fun to spend an afternoon watching a baseball game. But, personally, I like the excitement and fast pace of basketball better. Do they play basketball in Malaysia too?