27 May 2009

Bibliophile Bookstore

After a slow start to our weekend (ahem!) Tiffany and I wandered through the city. On our rambles, we stumbled across the kind of bookstore that makes every bibliophile's heart skip a beat:

Seriously, with such a great opening line, who could resist?

Not us.

Who wouldn't want to spend all day just discovering all the treasures hidden in here?


Mb said...

I've been here! Excellent.

KT Mac said...

Amazingly, I left with only 3 books! I didn't know it was possible to ever leave a bookstore just like that with only 3 books.

Mb said...

I'm impressed! How did you exercise such will power?

I'll likely be stealing...er, borrowing those in the near future :)

KT Mac said...

Wasn't easy. Finally made myself stop looking at books and take pictures of books.

And yes, you probably will be interested in the ones I picked up. I'm such a predictable IR geek.

May need to go back and check out the travel guides section now.. ;-)