26 April 2009

Albania: 1. Box of Bones

Just think. In 2,000 years, that could be you and your mortal remains, chilling on a porch somewhere.
Yes, that's right. That's a box of bones. Sitting on the porch of the Archeological Museum. Just one of the more absurd sights I saw while bumming around the Balkans.

My Love lives in Durres, Albania. It was an important historical city. As such, today, the entire city is one big archeological dig. Anytime someone goes to build a new apartment, house, shop, they easily find some new historical treasure. It's pretty awesome.

My Love arranged for the other Peace Corps volunteer living in Durres, Matt, to take me on a historical tour of Durres.

Just down the street from My Love's apartment, there is a Roman marketplace, a Roman bath, and (this is so cool!) a Roman amphitheater! Matt showed me the wall that surrounded the city, explained the excavations of all the Roman sites, took us down into the amphitheater itself, and then gave me a tour through the Durres Archeological Museum. I'm going to let the videos do the talking from here on out:

Matt did a great job of giving the tour and indulging the geeky history loving side of me. I loved getting to see and learn as much about Durres as I did. Thanks Matt!

(FYI, these videos took a ridiculously long time to load. Like, "I ironed a bunch of clothes" ridiculously long time. Since My Love has the rest of the videos on his camera, you get to settle for these instead.)

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