01 March 2009


My Love and I were talking yesterday. Par for the course, our conversation ran the gamut from silly to serious to sentimental.

We were talking about missing each other and how excited we both are for our upcoming adventures. Somehow, we started talking about all the little things we love (and miss) about the other person.

My Love said that I can always make him laugh....and then said he's going to wind up with big ole' wrinkles from all the laughter. It reminded me of a secret I once saw on Post Secret:

The truth is, I'll never curse another wrinkle for this very reason. And secretly, I hope that at the end of my life, I have lots and lots of laugh lines from My Love, because then maybe the world will be able to see a bit of all the happiness and love he brings me.


Jessica said...

A few years ago, my mom was complaining about her crow's feet. Jayna was shocked and said, "Those are bad?? I love those because they're only visible when you smile, and I love your smile!" Mom all but colors them in now.


KT Mac said...

See? Wrinkles are a good thing. I say we have two revolutions now.

1) To reinstate the wink! ;-)

2) To remind folks that wrinkles = happiness. :-)