27 March 2009


I love silver. Seriously. It is my favorite color (and jewelry). My favorite way to get dressed in the mornings is in black, perhaps with a splash of color, perhaps not, and lots of silver jewelry. Big dangly silver earrings, a sleek silver bangle (or several), and these days, a cutesy flower ring I picked up for $5. My apartment is decorated in black and white and silver with a few splashes of color. Just like in my clothing style, silver is the primary accent in my apartment. Silver is just my stand-by.

Granted, there are a few exceptions. Certain shades of yellow make me ridiculously happy. I'll never say no to real turquoise (which, naturally, looks best with silver). And I have a few treasured rings that are gold. Otherwise, it's silver.

Except when said silver is in.my.hair. Then I despise silver.

I've had a long silver strand erupting from the top of my head for a few years now. Yes, that's right, silver. I managed to bypass grey altogether for silver. With my dark brown hair, it is fairly obvious. *Grumble, grumble* Since it was one lone strand, I opted to ignore it and hope that to a less discerning eye, it looks like a highlight rather than the strand of silver it is.

This morning, I did a double-take. That lone silver strand prominently on the top of my head has been joined by another long silver strand. Two. At 24. They aren't even close enough to call it a 'streak.' Just two wayward silver strands at the top of my dark brown hair, refusing to tuck neatly under my hair when I part it. Sigh.

Even though I am okay with, and even embrace, wrinkles, grey hair is just a no-go. In my eyes, grey hair is old. Isn't it supposed to pop up in your 50s?!?

I have never colored my hair. I've never even highlighted it. Turns out, lemon juice really doesn't highlight hair as dark as mine. I like my pretty hair color. Thus, for as long as possible, I plan on avoiding hair dye. That said, what do I do about those stubborn strands?

Is it merely an old wives' tale or truth that if you pluck a grey hair, it will multiply? Should I pluck? Should I continue to not look closely in the mirror? Should I contemplate highlights? I thought 50 was the new 20. Does that mean that 20 is now the new 50? I sure as hell hope not.

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Mb said...

I wouldn't know if I had any greys or silvers based on how much I color my hair. But when I get my highlights (which are white, not blonde) I always giggle a bit and wonder if people think I'm hiding something.

All I say is embrace it. Hair is meant to be unique and odd.