24 March 2009


This week, I am torn.

On one hand, I want this week to disappear with a snap of my fingers. I am THAT excited about seeing My Love next week.

On the other hand, I keep coming back to a cartoon pulled from a Disney calendar when I was a kid. It was Eeyore asking, "Why rush? I'll just have to do it again tomorrow."

Monday started off as one of those days. Not quite an "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," but one where enough goes wrong to make you grumpy. One of those days has evolved into multiple those days.

I got into a fight with the curb on my way into work Monday morning. I lost. The end result was road rash, a swollen knee, and tights that will never see the light of another day. As I limped into work, I prayed it would only go uphill from there.

I was sadly mistaken.

A fairly pivotal action is being implemented right before I get back from vacation. Thus, I have been working hard to ensure all action on my end is completed before I leave. Yesterday, I found out that there's a few things I can't do before vacation, so today has been spent working to pass the work off on poor, unsuspecting minions.

A few of the interactions and decrees left me grumpy. As I limped home, I opted for a long soak in the tub, hoping that the heat would soothe my knee. The drain stopper refused to cooperate.
So I instead opted for icing my knee and trying to read. As I lay there on the couch, I became painfully aware that my jaw was hurting. Apparently, I was more stressed than I realized - I'd been clenching my jaw all day. Since I have TMJ, I'm well aware that a heat pack on the jaw is the best way to go.

As I microwaved the heat pack, I noticed it wasn't really heating. So I kept heating and testing and heating and testing, until that last fateful time when the heat pack decided to ooze. Oozing heat pack is not good. (It also smells really bad.)

So I said good night and crawled under the covers. At least the day was over. My luck would change when I woke up.

No go.

My alarm went off too early (as always). I tripped on my way to the shower. Every outfit I wanted to wear had at least one part in the wash or was vetoed because it'd involve showing my road rash (not attractive).

I've had to work hard at passing off work. So many little things need to be provided to stop-gap measures. My favorite (former) officemate has been temporarily replaced by a new girl. She's nice enough, but she smokes. As a non-smoker, this means my nose is burning. My jaw is still clenched. My knee still aches. And I can add a threatening cold sore, and a knot in my shoulder -comes from the awkward, non-ergonomically correct desk set-up - to my list of body woes.
Again, nothing so bad as to be a deal-breaker. Just a bit of bad luck accumulating into the grumpies. I need a nap. Or a drink. Or better yet, a drink and a nap.

Can I go home and crawl under the covers yet?
Perhaps the answer to my dichotomy is to wish for would be for this week to fly by while I sleep. Then I could wake up well-rested, packed, and already getting off the plane into My Love's arms.

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