16 December 2008

Dalmatian Coast Daydreamin'

With the end of the year financial statements at work, I will now have enough money (and enough vacation time) to entertain the possibility of two trips abroad in 2009. (YES!) So now the big questions are when and where. Since I no longer am tied to a school schedule and my workload is fairly regular (no real peaks and valleys in work flow), I can travel pretty much any time of the year, so long as I give advance notice.

In our conversations on Monday, my Love and I were talking about potential travel plans, again. We daydream a lot, together and separately, about where we want to travel when I go to visit him. We started kicking around possibilities and narrowed down our list to start with:
  1. Albania, so I can see Joe in his adopted home, and then some adventures along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.
  2. The romantic rolling hills and dirt cheap airfares of Dublin.
  3. The never-ending excitement and culinary delights of Rome and Paris.
Thus, Monday's challenge was to smother my temptation to start doing any research while at work, instead of focusing on the horrendous database reconciliations I've been working on. Once I got home from work though, I quickly set up flight watches to see where and when the best flight deals are (looking at March or April), and I pulled out my Lonely Planet guide to help the scheming. If anyone has any travel suggestions, I'd love to hear them.