13 November 2008

Comic Codename Creativity

{Requisite background information: My Love is a boy. Thus, the most appropriate term of endearment for me to use on him is "Trouble" seeing as how he's either causing it, or it's not far behind him. Those who know him are most likely inclined to agree. I, on the other hand, am just like the nursery rhyme says: "Made of sugar and spice and everything nice." Those who know me are most likely inclined to agree. However, these irrefutable facts often come up in our conversations.}

My Love and I were talking today:

KtMac: have you read about the Obama's code names?
My Love: no, I saw the headline
My Love: what are they
KtMac: Renegade
KtMac: Renaissance
KtMac: Rosebud
KtMac: Radiance
KtMac: what would you choose for your code name?
My Love: "sexy mcsexerson"
My Love: but I think the bad guys would figure it out pretty quick
My Love: how about you
KtMac: lol
KtMac: "sugarandspice sassypants"
My Love: LOL
My Love: I love it
My Love: I'm calling you that from now on

The conversation rapidly went downhill from there, full of threats to emblazon my new codename all over my Christmas gift, etc, etc.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized, our codenames sound like superheroes! So, after work today, with a little burst of creativity and the limited capabilities of Microsoft Powerpoint, I created:

I have no doubt My Love could create a much better computer drawing, but my computer does not have all the cool toys his does, so consider this the blueprint for the Amazing, Awesome, International Adventures of Sexy McSexerson and SugarandSpice Sassypants! comic book coming out soon near you! First stop, awesome comic book, next stop, a full-length feature film coming to theaters near you in Summer 2010, after that, world domination!