05 October 2008

Falling in Love with Fall

Fall is absolutely my favorite season.

I adore all seasons for all their unique reasons, but by and large, fall is the best. It is the season I miss home the most. I miss the apple orchards, fresh apple cider and warm doughnuts, pumpkin patches, the glorious fall foliage that shows up in the upper Midwest, the scary thrill of haunted houses, and the almost seductive smell of campfires.

Here in the city, I still love the fall. I actually get a little more time to enjoy it down here since it seems like autumn stretches out over a month or two, rather than just a few, too-short weeks in October. It's been a glorious fall down here so fall. Beautiful blue skies, abundant sunshine, crisp breezes, and just a hint of color showing up in the leaves.

Days like these are not to be wasted indoors. So, yesterday, I took myself out on an adventure. I wandered. I went into the city and strolled. I walked through neighborhoods I really haven't hung out in for a while (for no real reason). I sat in a few parks and watched people. I treated myself to lunch, and sat outside, enjoying the weather, the people, and my thoughts.

When I finally wore myself out, I came home, threw the window wide open, and had a nice, long, delicious nap. When I woke back up, I was just as in love with fall as I ever was back home.

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