28 August 2008

Being Vulnerable Requires Courage

As a direct result of last night's late night heart-to-heart with my Mom, I did the scariest thing of all.

I opened myself up and let myself be completely vulnerable. It was terrifying - there's no telling if I will get hurt from being so open and honest, and if I do get hurt, how badly it will go - but it was also liberating. I let my feelings be known and now, I'll never have to wonder "What if I had spoken my mind? What if I let him know exactly how I feel and exactly what I want, from life, and from him?"

I'm still vulnerable, and it's a bit scary, but it's invigoriating and liberating and I'm relieved. And I realize that putting myself in such a position requires a great amount of courage to speak up despite my fears.

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Mirabelle said...

So proud of you. Scariest yet most rewarding thing you can ever do for yourself.